Manage Your Deer Herd

  • Buck to Doe Ratio
  • Average Weight
  • Lactation in Doe
  • Game Cam Photo Upload
  • Kill Log
  • Track Unrecovered Kills
  • Track Multiple Harvest

Mobile Hunting App for Smart phones

  • Added Safety for all hunters who use the online peg-in system
  • Know who is in the woods and where they are
  • Instant Weather Info of your club at your fingertips.

Fishing Records & Pond Management

  • Pond Management
  • What you caught & What you Kept
  • What bait is hot for you
  • Weather, Moon, Temp and More

Manage Hunting Lease & Hunt Club

  • Know who is in the woods & what is seen
  • Keep hunting pressure down
  • Calendar for meetings, events, and work days
  • Hunting Records of Kills and Predator Sightings

Hunting Info & Fun

  • Hunt clubs looking for members
  • Hunting forums & chat
  • Food plot tips
  • State by State News and Events
  • Photo Gallery and Hunting Videos
  • Big Buck & Turkey Contest

Hunt Club Communication

  • Hunting Safety is Maximized
  • Private Club Message Board
  • Map of Ocuupied Stands
  • Auto Notification of Hunts
  • Automatic Record Journaling of WIND, TEMP, TIME, MOON PHASE for Each Hunt

Hunt Statistics

Your personal stats, club stats, and stand stats are the three keys to success in the deer woods. After you have compiled more information synergistically with the other members, the hidden patterns of weather, moon phase, and rut patterns will be revealed.

Hunt Smarter

Keeping detailed records and applying common since logic to your findings is what we are all about. We all do things to tip the odds in our favor, but "Smart Hunting" is something most folks have not had the ability to do until now.

Hunt Safer

The Hunt connection is worth its weight in gold to increase the safety factor on tracts that have multiple hunters with multiple access points. A hunting accident is something that can change several peoples lives forever and everyone avoids a catastrophe.

Hunt Results

Connecting hunters and allowing them to share "Smart hunting" information is what The Hunt Connection is all about. View statistical info about yourself and the other hunters in your clubs.