Quick trouble shooting for common issues.  

  • If you are new & the site does not seem to work properly for you... Check and make sure you have activated your account.  After you register, this website sends you an email to confirm you are a real person and not a computer generated hack out to cause problems.  Check your email and click "Activate" or copy the activation code into your web browser to complete the process.   This clears up 90% of most new comer issues. If you don't see the email check your junk box and any spam filters you might have.


  • Set an avatar-  It always helps to put a face with a name.  Your avatar will represent you throughout the site.  To upload one simply go to your profile page and click on "Change Image".  Next click on the "Browse" button to find the image on your computer you want to use. (close up shots work better).  After you double click on your chosen image click "Upload Image" to send the pic to the website.



Here are some step by step instructions to help you use The Hunt Connection.


Figures List
(Screenshots of our web tool in action)
Figure 1 -   Welcome screen and information
Figure 2 -   Registration fields
Figure 3 -   Tool home page and getting started instructions
Figure 4 -   Hunter/user Profile page
Figure 5 -   Hunt Club Profile page and club specific
Figure 6 -   Club information screen
Figure 7 -   Setting property boundaries and stands in tool
Figure 8 -   Adding club members through Ajax enhanced selection screen
Figure 9 -   Hunt Peg-in screen
Figure 10 -   Tract home screen
Figure 10b -   Radar overlay on tract map screen
Figure 11 -   Tract map screen showing hunters in woods
Figure 12 -   Harvest data collection page
Figure 13 -   Hunt club deer harvest records
Figure 14 -   Hunt club stand statistics
Figure 15 -   Hunt events sightings log
Figure 16 -   Site-wide grand photo gallery
Figure 16b -   Individual photo view in gallery


 Detailed Description of Major Tool Components
The following screenshots (Figures 1-16) show the tool in action and how the different components work together to produce a software machine like no other in existence.

1.    First an interested hunter/user visits the site (Figure 1) to learn more about how he can manage his property via our Hunt Club, Land, and Deer Heard Management Online Tool. 

He registers (Figure 2) to allow the site to become personalized to him and provide information specific to his local and to allow other property owners to permit him to use our tool for their land, property, or hunting club.

(Figure 1)                                                                                       (Figure 2)


  2.    This enters him in the private data base (Figure 3) & creates his profile page (Figure 4) where he can set an avatar, upload photos and start the creation of a hunt club profile home page and subsequent tracts of land under the management of that club.


                          (Figure 3)                                                             (Figure 4)


 3.    When creating a hunt club profile, the user will enter the address of the main tract of land in order to get specific weather information for his club.  From here his club members will be able to upload photos, post notes to the club board, and check/enter current events in the club specific events calendar. (Figure 5)


(figure 5)             

4.     Next the user adds tracts of land (Figure 6&7) to the club profile.  Many clubs today are made up of fragmented tracts of land. Through the use of our tool, all members will know where all other members are located in the woods over multiple tracts thus increasing the safety factor & decreasing the hunter interruption factor several fold.



  5.  After entering your hunting tract address into our tool, the hunter will draw his boundaries and set stands. A user can redraw boundaries and stands can be added and deleted as needed.    

(Figure 8)

6.     After all members are added to the club, the tool is setup and ready to use.  To use the tool, a hunter wishing to access the property to hunt should check the club homepage.  These are listed under “My Clubs” in the navigation bar to the left.  Club homes are represented with the logo including the Safety Orange circle.  Individual tracts do not have the circle. The hunter should check the board for any pertinent messages and then proceed to the tract they wish to hunt.      

7.    Clicking on the hunt tab will allow the user to peg-in (Figure 9) to a hunt after checking the following things.

(Figure 9)


When at the tract screen (Figure 10), users should check for other members “currently hunting” and should notice the current sightings and harvests.  They will then pick a stand by the aid of our current wind, radar, and weather conditions (Figure 10b) automatically pulled for them on the map page.   (Figure 11) This fingertip, location specific, information available to the users is one of a kind and one of the physically novel features of this tool.  Our tool automatically records all of this information including moon phase for each hunt entered. 

(Figure 10)                                                              (Figure 11)

 (Figure 10b)

8.  After the hunt, the user can enter his sightings and harvest data. (Figure 12)

Be Sure to hit "Refresh this page" after submitting your latest records


 (Figure 12)

Record Output:
1.    Over time the accumulation of data will lead to practical information available on our records tab for the benefit of the members that choose to study the harvest data and stand statistics.  

Useful harvest data (Figure 13) for deer herd management will answer questions like:
     How many of what kind of deer were taken?      What is the average weight of does and bucks?    What is our buck to doe ratio and biased on that how many does do we need to harvest?

 The stand statistics (Figure 14) developed will give a hunter practical knowledge like:
      What wind is best for this stand?  What moon phase is best and worst for this stand? 

        How many times had it been hunted and what is a success ratio for each?


             (Figure 13)                                                       (Figure 14)                              

2.  A detailed sightings and harvest log (Figure 15) for the club is also at the users fingertips.  This is available for the user to review along with weather details for each setting, not just for himself, but for the whole club.  The synergy created by our online tool is available to the user at any time.

(Figure 15)

Social Tool Functions:
Our tool also allows for social interaction between members by allowing users to upload photos to share with our online community of hunters. 

1. Photos uploaded through a user profile or at the hunt club profile level in addition to being viewed at these levels are included in the grand gallery (Figure 16&16b) for easy access by all users. To upload a photo simply go to your profile page and click on "Upload new Image".  Next click on the "Browse" button to find the image on your computer you want to post. After you double click on your chosen image click "Upload Image" to send the pic to the website.

(Figure 16)

(Figure 16b)

2. Also a private messaging feature is available to all users through their Profile Page simply click "Send Message" and enter a message of less than 500 characters.  Our system forwards the message to the recipients email address.




We hope this page is helpful and if you require further assistance do not hesitate to contact us.