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     Our pine forests are one of our countries most valuable renewable resources.  We at The Hunt Connection recognize this, and how proper management of this resource is a must.  Who doesn’t enjoy a morning hunt overlooking a clear-cut edge or a 2 year old plantation.  As a land owner or manager you know sustainable forest initiatives are a must.  We are ready to help!  Depending on your location, we can put you in touch with reputable foresters to help you harvest your timber.  We in turn work with foresters and land management teams to send timber to both domestic sawmills and for export to other counties.  

If you are looking for some honest advice on cutting timber. 

   If you are planning to safeguard your property with a conservation easement.

      If you'er a timber manager looking to sell Yellow Pine or Hardwoods to export.

The Hunt Connection is here to assist you.

Gary Sayre 864-978-5327   

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Thermal thinning and pruning with prescribed fire benefits longleaf pine stands

The benefits of prescribed fire in the Southern "pineywoods" are many and varied—and because of the passion of folks who love and believe in these legal and carefully-planned controlled fires and their results—they are becoming increasingly well-known and appreciated, according to a wildlife biologist and forester with the S.C. Department of Natural Resources.


Sustainable timber management like this...


 equals results like this.